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We'll help you find your dress online or in Nashville. Or resell dress(es) with us.

Expert, personalized advice and styling in person or online. We'll find a dress just as eco-friendly and unique as you. 

Whether shopping or reselling your dress, you'll help save the planet, closet space, and money without sacrificing time or style.

Handpicked stylish, sustainable, and stress-free consignment dresses sold off-the-rack for our modern, creative brides.

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Nervous about shopping online but know you desperately need a wedding dress that matches your sustainable lifestyle, wedding budget, timeline? We can guide you through our sample, new, and used online dresses!

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Send us your dress, and we will do the rest! Some of our clients' gowns sell the same day it arrives. No more answering emails or scheduling awkward home try-ons. We increase your odds by combining in-store and online sales.


J. Storrow

Our stylist asked appropriate questions to better guide the dress choices that my daughter was interested in trying on. She was enthusiastic and made the experience effortless and fun. We found her wedding dress!! It was a great experience.

m. mello

Wonderful stylist got my vibe perfectly. Truly amazing experience!