After ten years in the bridal industry, it was obvious that wedding dress shopping didn't work for all our brides. Reselling dresses for past brides and independent boutiques and designers wasn't easy either.

We saw brides struggle to find a dress they loved with their shorter timelines, ethical and sustainable values, and budget vs dream dress price. To be totally honest, we saw too many brides feeling stressed out.

Discounted, designer wedding dresses sourced from the best independent boutiques & designers.

Our Mission:
Make wedding dress shopping & reselling sustainable, simple, and special.

No Wait. No Waste. No Tears.

Throw out everything you know about wedding dress shopping and reselling. While you're at it, toss any stigma you may have about consignment shopping too!

We make finding your wedding dress in Nashville or Online personalized and ultra special. These are incredible "sample sale"-esque gowns at incredible prices and ready-to-go home to you for brides who give a damn. 

Your wedding should not be a time when you give up what's important to you. Whether it's reducing waste and shopping sustainably or saving up for your dream house, we can't wait to get to know you and get you your dress!

I grew up in sunny California with a love of finding beauty in everything. I have always considered myself dedicated to leaving the world better than I left it with a desire to figure out new ways for self-expression. This is how I fell in love with LVD. My hope is to help those I work with feel like they can be undeniably themselves while trying to give back to our environment. Read how Bri let her style shine as a bride! 

Bri Bradshaw

I love vintage Chanel, tequila, and composting, aka I love personal style, celebrations, and mindful living. These passions led me to open my first bridal boutique, The Dress Theory in 2012. After three years and three locations, I realized there was room for change in my beloved bridal industry. LVD was the answer and began in Nashville in 2015.  I've been girl crushing on our #reallvdbrides ever since.

Camille Wynn

Our Nashville bridal shop is best suited for dress budgets of $1000 and up before tax and alterations. Please note our one-of-a-kind collection (and prices) change daily.

Online, we've had pieces as low as $75 and as high as $3000. Take a peek to see what we have today!

Our gowns are discounted anywhere from 10-80% off of original designer pricing. It's sorta like a sample sale everyday without the crowds or chaos.





our promise

Our off-the-rack, consignment experience allows you try and leave with the gown you love same day. No time spent wondering or waiting. We have a variety of sizes and styles, maybe some of the ones you love on instagram. No rush fees here either. Our process keeps it easier whether your shopping or reselling.

It's everything to us. We're committed to curating the best collection held to excellent or pristine standards only and changing any stigma around consignment fashion. We know what a big deal your wedding dress is, whether you're buying or reselling. 

Secondhand fashion is the most sustainable option out there. We want brides to find their dream dress not only discounted, but eco-consciously and effortlessly too. If you got your wedding dress new, consider reselling vs letting it sit in your closet if that feels right for you. Mother Earth will love it.

The key to navigating wedding dress shopping, online or in person. Personalized, expert assistance from your own bridal stylist. We want to listen to your personal style and concerns, and find you a gown that makes you feel confident and celebrated. 


All the style and impact of a made-to-order wedding dress, at a fraction of the cost and time. Our consignment collection is ready for you right now.

Made With Love

Lela Rose

The Nashville and Online Sustainable and Luxury Bridal Consignment Boutique

Traditionally, wedding dress shopping has to be done 9-12 months before wedding days. We help brides walk out with their dream dress. This is great for brides with shorter wedding timelines. Or if you don't love the idea of shopping months before their wedding day as shopping off-the-rack gives you more flexibility with time. It's not rare for your budget, style, venue, size, or vision to change over a year.

If shopping in advance doesn't stress you out, perhaps you would feel better walking away with the exact dress you tried on. No promises or tricking yourself into believing you'll "like x better, when x happens". If you love when you find it, it's yours!

Perhaps you're bride that loves to shop the designer sale section or your dream dress isn't within your budget. We've got you covered. Another place that you shouldn't break if possible, your environmental conscious values.

A consignment wedding dress is THE MOST sustainable option available.

When you see the quality and designer styles we carry, you'll never doubt secondhand chic again. Your friends and family will be seriously impressed at your ability to discover the best pieces at the best prices. Without sacrificing quality or supporting imitations. If you bought a new wedding dress, you can make a huge impact by reselling your dress. We take care of all the rest, while your wallet, mother earth, and closet space thanks you. Where you choose to spend your wedding budget can be a reflection of what's important to you.

And we're here to make that all easy, enjoyable, and extra special.

Time is precious, so is your well-being. We can help you find a dress that aligns with your values and needs easy. Whether your reason is ethical and sustainable, budget driven, or timeline driven. Or maybe you want to have an ultra unique wedding dress to reflect your personality, many of our dresses are truly one-of-a-kind. 

We've got quite the process for our gowns before they can be for sale. Our wedding dresses are in immaculate condition and we have a variety of sizes you can try. Not just runway sample sizes! Shopping off-the-rack consignment wedding dresses is so convenient, you'll go home with our wedding dress same day. Unlike just a white dress you find at a department store off-the-rack, our entire collection are true, special wedding dresses made by sought-after designers. 

sustainable, stress-free, and oh so chic