TDT Health & Sanitation Practices – May 2020

In accordance with Nashville Mayor John Cooper’s Reopening plan, we will reopen at half-capacity and implement new standards of cleaning and sanitation between each appointment.

We pledge to you as employees of LVD to commit to the highest standards of cleanliness and sanitation practices so we can continue to serve our brides and community.

Daily operations require the following from each employee:

  • Daily pre-shift symptom check, including a temperature reading

  • Masks are worn 100% of the time

  • Obsessive hand washing, including before and after each appointment

  • Frequently disinfecting commonly touched surfaces 

  • Steaming and other means of sanitation of each gown after it is tried on by a bride.

To ensure we can meet all of these standards and follow the CDC, WHO and the Nashville Mayor’s Office we have, after very careful consideration decided to operate and reopen only under the follow conditions:

  • Group sizes must remain under three (3), one (1) bride plus up to two (2) guests. This ensures everyone including guests and staff can maintain distancing within the store. It also guarantees will remain under the Mayor’s group size limit no matter what. The smaller the better, was our motto for group size even before this “new normal” was thrown our way. We promise.

  • Virtual consultation prior to your appointment. This is going to be FUN! We will explain the brief requirement to touch bases before your appointment when we confirm your booking. It can be brief or 30 minutes to an hour. Whatever you need from us!

  • We ask that if anyone has symptoms, is not feeling well, running a fever above 100.4, recently traveled, or exposed to anyone showing symptoms or confirmed COVID-19 within two weeks will not attend the appointment. We will continue to waive any cancellation policies and fees to ensure no one is pressured to attend the appointment.

  • Guests should follow the Nashville Mayor’s guidelines and CDC recommendations. This currently includes wearing a mask, but we know the guidelines change daily. Please reference this website and the Mayor’s Communication for updated information before your appointment.

  • We are located in the city of Nashville, so while in our store we will be following Nashville’s specific guidelines.

At this time we aren’t seeing any major delays or cancellations from our designers, but if you have less than 4 months before your wedding day please let us know before your appointment so we can gather appropriate, beautiful, trustworthy options for you.

We know this is not what any of us imagined for 2020 or wedding planning, but please know you’re not alone. We feel for you so deeply and will do whatever we can to help you, support you, celebrate you, and this make this an unforgettable and special experience for you.


COVID-19 Wedding Dress Shopping Practices