May 27

Sustainable Wedding Favor Ideas

Wedding Favors. Are they a waste? A thing of the past? Wedding favors can be a way to show your appreciation for loved ones traveling or be a meaningful reminder of happy memories. If you’d like to thank your guests for coming to join your special day we’ve gathered a list of 5 wedding favors that won’t end up in the trash.


  1. Reusable Straws (Or anything else reusable)

Surely you’ve heard the beef on straws by now, if not you can definitely google it. If sustainability is important to you, we’ll expand that list to include anything else reusable and useful. Yes straws but also a reusable snack bag or produce bag or reusable cutlery if you’re doing a more casual wedding without fancy cutlery/dishes they have to eat with something anyway, right?

Photo via  Package Free ShopPhoto via  Package Free Shop

Photo via Package Free Shop

2. A Candle

Ahh the classic go to gift is it not? It’s for good reason. Who doesn’t love a nice candle? This may not be the most budget friendly choice for large gatherings, but if you’re having a more intimate ceremony like many couples are now, it’s something meaningful and memorable, since we often associate scents with memories. Brooklyn Candle Studio does customization on candle tins, and discounts on bulk orders. Boy Smells is dedicated to making gender neutral scents to appeal to all of your guests. Many bridal shops have their own custom candle so you can gift the scent you smelled while purchasing your wedding dress. We have our own available here. Or gift a custom matchbox if a candle is out of the budget, they’re truly always handy.

3. Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar

A little practicality goes a long way! I don’t know about you but I’m always reaching for olive oil and balsamic. There are some cool brands out there if you want to make it something a little more special that wouldn’t be something you’d normally purchase at the grocery store. Galena Garlic a Nashville small business makes custom favors as experts on balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Branches Olive Oil makes personalized olive oil bottles pretty enough for your place settings with U.S. international shipping options available.

Photo via  Branches Olive OilPhoto via  Branches Olive Oil

Photo via Branches Olive Oil

4. Eco Friendly Travel Items

Maybe you’re a rule breaker. Maybe you give your thank you gift BEFORE the wedding. If you’re asking guests to travel, why not gift sustainable items in order for them to do so without having to purchase single use plastics? A few of our favorite sustainable travel items include Bamboo Toothbrushes + Toothpaste bites you can pair with all your brushes, Reusable Travel Bottles or Cotton Swabs or another classic gift; the Water Bottle.

5. Donation in your honor

A $5 donation may not feel like much. But multiply that by 100 guests? Now we’re talking. It’s always nice to share what matters to you and is special to your heart. Guests remember that you chose to honor them on your special day by helping others. There are many cute templates online to talk about your choice, or save paper and mention it in a speech or put it on your program or menu.

Photo from  Unmeasured EventPhoto from  Unmeasured Event

Photo from Unmeasured Event

Favors don’t have to be cheesy or useless. You always have the opportunity to explain why your choice is important to you, and that’s what makes it unique and special to your wedding.

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